Sales is key to the success of any business.

A lot of startups fail because they are not able to generate enough sales. No, I’m not here to discourage you instead I’m here to help you boost your business by introducing you to the top sales tools for startups that can manage the whole sales process for you. Let's get started with-


Curating information in real-time makes AeroLeads one of the best sales tools in the market. The tool is known for providing reliable information wherein you can expect accurate leads or prospects. The user-friendly interface acts as an added advantage to the software. 


  • Chrome extension
  • Extracts prospects’ information from trusted platforms like Google, LinkedIn and more
  • Team Collaboration

Pricing – Aeroleads offer 4 packages 

  • Take off: $49 / mon - to kick start your business with minimum investment
  • Climb: $149 / mon - to take your business to the next level
  • Cruise: $499 / mon - to establish your business on a larger scale
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing - based on your requirements

Linkedin Sales Solutions 

Linkedin Sales Solutions is a social selling platform by LinkedIn that provides an array of features focusing on helping you to find the right prospects to build trusted relationships. With LinkedIn Sales, you can easily reach the right kind of prospects by using the search and filter features, create sales opportunities and generate more revenue.


  • Real-time sales updates for customers and prospects
  • Access to an advanced search to find the right leads for your business
  • A dashboard for measuring and tracking your social selling results


  • Professional: $79.99/mo - Advanced lead & company search - Alerts on your saved leads & accounts
  • Team: $108.33/mo - Share content and track engagement -Warm introductions from teammates
  • Enterprise: No public pricing - CRM updates with Data Validation -Advanced integrations


Acquire is the best customer communication platform you will ever find for all types of businesses – small and large; it is equipped with the digital tools required to deliver the best sales experience as it allows you to connect with website visitors and understand their needs, resulting in increased sales.


  • Secure co-browsing, AI chatbots, live chat, and HD video calling. 
  • Qualify leads by collecting information 24×7 through lead-gen forms
  • Support customers in real-time 


  • Teams - No public pricing - Ideal for small teams looking to engage with customers on digital channels
  • Professional - No public pricing - Provides mid-sized and large companies with a centralized way to manage customer experiences
  • Enterprise - No public pricing - A large enterprise-grade solution that plugs into your tech stack and empowers you to build for the future


ZoomInfo is a go-to-sales intelligence platform helping you identify the most targeted accounts that match your ideal customer profile.
It captures leads that visit your website, build segmented audiences to run outreach campaigns ultimately bringing you more business. 


  • Provides powerful insights about the prospects and potential customers
  • Users can search for their leads based on industry, location, company size, company revenue, and more
  • Organize and manage your database to keep up-to-date


ZoomInfo offers 3 packages - Professional, Advanced and Elite with custom pricing options based entirely on the solutions your business requires, with the best-in-class support you deserve.


Spotio is a cloud-based sales tracking tool that helps businesses with lead generation, resource tracking, and sales pipeline management, among other things. It centralises field sales team activities, allowing you to increase productivity, close more deals, and raise revenue.


  • Sales territories are defined based on geographical locations, client categories, purchase history, sales stage, and other factors
  • Plan sales routes using a variety of scheduling parameters, including "by distance," "by schedule," "meeting length," and more. 
  • Integrates with CRMs 
  • Provides a multi-channel insight of what sales activities are taking place in the field — visits, emails, calls, SMS, and so on

Pricing - Spotio offers 4 packages

  • Team - No public pricing - Best for teams that want to track visits & boost productivity
  • Business - No public pricing - Best for teams that need native  integrations & activity tracking
  • Pro - No public pricing - Best for teams that want to track all sales activity & boost productivity
  • Enterprise - No public pricing - Best for large teams that need extra security or customization