One bad hire can ruin your entire workflow or even your business. 

Therefore, recruitment is arguably the most essential part of running an organization. Ideally, the human resource department works to hire the right staff members. However, recruitment can be a long, costlier and tedious process. To save time and cut down on expenses, recruitment tools can be of great help. 

So, here’s presenting to you 5 best recruitment tools that will make hiring faster and more efficient. 

Zoho Recruit  

Claiming to be an all-in-one recruitment software, Zoho Recruit addresses every aspect of recruitment, be it job requisition, interview scheduling or finding the right candidate. 

With interaction tracking, background screening, self-service portal, reference checking and resume parsing etc. Zoho Recruit makes the work of recruitment far simpler and faster. 


  • Provides reports, dashboards, workflow, and a mobile app. 
  • Multiple  integrations—such as Google Apps and Outlook
  • Ideal for data management
  • Easy to customize to fit individual needs

Pricing - Zoho Recruit offers 3 packages

  • Standard: ₹1,500/user/mo - Candidate sourcing - Resume management - Candidate tracking
  • Professional: ₹3.000/user/mo - Security control - Portal Management - Assessments
  • Enterprise: ₹4,500/user/mo - Territory Management - Custom Roles and Profiles - Auto Responders


With Recruitee, you can make hiring easier. It has everything a startup needs: A visual pipeline of candidates with a drag and drop editor, emailing and scheduling meetings, and promoting vacancies online enabling you to make most hires from start to finish.


  • Mobile Application
  • Daily backup
  • Rank and review top candidates
  • Custom pages for each job

Pricing - Recruitee offers 3 packages

  • Launch - €199/ month - Launch your hiring here with all of your recruitment essentials
  • Scale - €349/ month - Scale your hiring processes with automation and team optimization
  • Lead - Custom Pricing - Lead your hiring to the forefront with additional services and compliance to drive your hiring strategy


A one-stop hiring software, Workable is a comprehensive and intuitive tool where you can identify, monitor, track and evaluate candidates. From creating a branded careers page, through to pre-screening candidates to narrow down your search, Workable serves to streamline and automate the recruiting process as much as possible, helping you to hire the best candidates. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Responsive across all devices 
  • Easy to use 
  • Web-based, available for Cloud, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad

Pricing - Workable offers 4 packages 

  • Paygo: $99 per job per month - A self-serve solution for companies with occasional hiring needs
  • Core: No public pricing - An affordable solution for small companies looking to grow
  • Growth: No public pricing - A comprehensive platform for companies looking to hire at scale
  • Premier: No public pricing - An expansive solution for businesses looking for top-tier service


Known for its user-friendly interface and flexibility, FreshTeam is one of the popular recruitment software enabling you in hiring, managing resumes, onboarding, interview scheduling, and many other recruitment tasks in a much lesser time. 


  • Centralized dashboard for employee attendance, well-organized hiring architecture, and an organizational chart. 
  • In-built ATS using which you can easily post jobs, set a hiring structure, and gathering the necessary information
  • Automated key actions like document sharing and follow-ups

Pricing - FreshTeam offers 4 packages

  • Sprout: Free - For upto 50 employees
  • Blossom: ₹5,999/mo - Get ready to ram up your hiring process
  • Garden: ₹9.999/mo - Offers end to end hiring process support
  • Estate: ₹17,999 - Ideal for larger teams


You will no longer have to take the trouble of hitting the reject option, ApplicantPro will do it for you. The tool offers built-in candidate screening functionality wherein you can incorporate questionnaires into your job postings to ask candidates directly about their skills and experiences, and if a candidate’s responses to your questions fail to pass muster, ApplicantPro automatically filters them out. 


  • Applicant tracking
  • Video interviewing
  • Background checks
  • Onboarding
  • Continuous monitoring

Pricing: ApplicantPro offers 4 packages 

  • Full-Service Hiring: Easy hiring process fueling your talent engine
  • Premium ATS: Custom pricing - Compliance & requisition tracking - multiple integrations 
  • Standard ATS: Custom pricing - Suitable for unlimited job postings
  • Pay-Per-Job: Custom pricing - Suitable for occasional hiring